Are you a “locavore”?  Good for You!  Eating Local, has become a nation-wide movement and we feel the impact here at J&B Truck Farm. Located in the rolling hills of Leavenworth County, our customers, both at the Farmers Market or through our  Delivery Service, know they are getting fresh, high quality food, and they are making a good economic decision for their family budget.  We take the trust of our customers very seriously and continue to use sustainable practices making our produce safe and our land use positive for the future.


Several new vegetables are available for our customers every year.. Baby Bok Choy  is a big hit,  and summer squash promises to add interest to our vegetable selection. And, of course, heirloom tomatoes will continue to be a top choice, along with our wonderful purple potatoes, and super sweet Swiss Chard!

Don’t forget the flowers. With all the doom and gloom on TV and in the newspapers, a bright, pretty bouquet is exactly what needs to be in your home. Who can be gloomy with one of our big, beautiful sunflower on the kitchen table!  Common sense tells us that flowers make us happy and fills the room with beautiful colors.

We continue to value you, our customers, and look forward to bringing you our very best.!

Visit us on face book at J&B Truck Farm to learn what is available and how to sign up for our weekly Delivery Service.  You can also contact us at 913-651-2683.

Thank you for your support!  Joy and Bill Kromer